'Le Syndrome d'Abel'.

Richard Marazano is a French writer, artist and colorist of mainly science fiction series. Born in Fontenay-aux-Roses, he initially pursued scientific studies in Orsay before enrolling at the Fine Arts school in Angoulême. He was a member of the Atelier Sanzot and published his first books as a comic scriptwriter with Soleil in the mid-1990s. Among his early works were the science fiction series 'Sidney et Howell' in cooperation with Nicolas Moraes (1997-1998) and 'Zéro Abolu' with artist Christophe Bec (1997-1999), as well as the western 'Tequila Desperados' with Jean-Claude Cassini (1998).

Marazano turned to comic book art when creating the book 'Le Bataillon des Lâches' for Éditions Carabas in 2000. He was also one of the artists of 'L'Univers', a collective spin-off book based on Jodorowsky's 'Méta-Barons' series in 2001. His next art effort was for for the Glénat series 'Le Syndrome d'Abel', of which only one book appeared in 2008.

'Le Bataillon des Lâches'.

Marazano is best known for his writings for other artists, however. His best known series are 'Cuervos', about Colombian drug trafficking, with Michel Durand (Glénat, 2003-2006) and the sci-fi trilogy 'Le Complexe du Chimpanzé' with Jean-Michel Ponzio (Dargaud, 2007-2008). He is furthermore the author of a great many historical, science fiction, humanitarian and humor series for publishers like Carabas, Les Hamanoïdes Associés, Glénat, Dupuis and Futuropolis.

These include 'Dusk' with Christian De Metter (2000-2002), 'Cos & Mos' with Abel Chen (2004-2005), 'Blue Space' with Chris Lamquet (2006-2009), 'Chaabi' with Xavier Delaporte (Futuropolis, 2007-2011), 'Genetiks™' with JM Ponzio (2007-2010), 'Guerrero' with Camille Le Gendre (2008-2009), 'Cutie B.' with Yishan Li (Dargaud, 2008), 'Jérusalem' with Patrick Pion (2008), 'Aguirre' with Gabriel Delmas (2008), 'Minik' with Hippolyte (2008), 'Eco Warriors' with Chris Lamquet (2009-2012), 'Héloïse de Montfort' with Alfonso Font (since 2010), 'S.A.M.' with Shang (since 2011), 'Le Protocole Pélican' with JM Ponzio (2011-2013), 'Otaku Blue' with Malo Kerfriden (2012), 'Le Rêve du Papillon' with Luo Yin (since 2010), 'L'Expédition' with Marcelo Frusin (since 2012), 'Le Monde de Milo' with Christophe Ferreira (2013) and 'Clandestino' with Ennio Bufi (2013).

'Cuervos', artwork by Michel Durand.

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