'Le Protocole Pélican by Jean Michel Ponzio
Le Protocole Pélican

Jean-Michel Ponzio is a designer and comic artist from France, who is specialized in the science fiction genre. His work is characterized for its use of 3D design, photorealism and rotoscoping. Born in Marignane, he has been drawing since his early childhood. He followed several artistic studies throughout the 1980s, including design and advertising at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Arts in Paris and began his career in the fields of animation and advertising.

T'Ien Keou, by Jean-Michel Ponzio
T'ien Keou

He has developed his own short films, such as 'Aller-Retour' (1990) and 'Futuropolis' (1992), and has worked as a infographics artist for Fantôme in Paris. With Buf Companie he specialized in developing backgrounds and creating futuristic settings, and has cooperated on such films as 'Batman and Robin' and 'Fight Club'.

Ponzio began an additional career as an illustrator in 2000, starting with books covers for Éditions J'Ai Lu. He made his comics debut in 2004, when his futuristic comic 'T'ien Keou' was published by Soleil (script by Laurent Genefort). He wrote the script for his next book, 'Kybrilon', himself. It was published by Soleil in 2005. He continued with the diptych 'Dernier Exil' and the adaptation of the Barbet Schroeder film 'Inju' for Éditions Carabas in 2007 and 2008.

Plus belle la vie by JM Ponzio
Plus Belle La Vie

He has worked with scriptwriter Richard Marazano on the SF series 'Genetiks™' (Futuropolis, 2007-2010), 'Le Complexe du chimpanzé' (Dargaud, 2007-2008) and 'Le Protocole Pélican' (Dargaud, since 2011). For Vents d'Ouest, he drew the social chronicle 'Plus Belle Le Vie' from scripts by Janhel in 2009 and 2011. He succeeded Paul Gillon as the artist of Richard Malka's political thriller 'L'Ordre de Cicéron' at Glénat in 2012.

L'Ordre de Cicéron by JM Ponzio
L'Ordre de Cicéron

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