Coeur de Glace by Patrick Pion
Coeur de Glace

An avid drawer since his early childhood, Patrick Pion studied Fine Arts in Besançon, where he graduated in Plastic Arts. He then attended the School of Decorative Arts and the Faculty of Applied Arts in Strasbourg. He got his professional break after meeting Claire Wendling, Benoît Springer and Denis Bajram in Angoulême. He joined Bajram's atelier in Paris, where Alex Alice and Mathieu Lauffray also worked on their projects.

Chrome by Patrick Pion

After creating his first comic book, based on the game franchise 'Tomb Raider', with Alex Alice and under the pen name Fréon for Glénat in 1999, he turned to freelance illustration. He participated in a variety of collective projects, such as 'Vampires' by Éditions Carabas, before returning to comics with the creation of the science fiction comic 'Chrome' for Dargaud in 2002. A second book followed in 2005. In that year, Pion also worked with Patrick Delmas on the fantasy one-shot 'Moloch Jupiter Superstar' for Carabas. This was followed by the humorous 'L'Extravagant Monsieur Pimus' in 2006.

Pion teamed up with Mathieu Sapin to create the heroic fantasy serial 'Megaron' for Dargaud in 2007-2009. During the same period he worked with Richard Marazano on the historical comic 'Jérusalem' for Glénat's Vecu collection. Pion has subsequently made 'Coeur de glace' with Marie Pommepuy for Dargaud (2011) and a comic book based on the video game 'Devil May Cry' with Izu for Glénat (2013).

Megaron by Patrick Pion

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