Ceux qui Rampent, by Gabriel Delmas
'Ceux qui Rampent'.

Gabriel Delmas studied at the University of Literature and at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, before beginning his career as a medical illustrator and as an artist for multimedia projects. He also made paintings and video arts. His first comic was published by Delcourt in 2002. Called 'Le Psychopompe', the comic was a mix of manga, comics and French underground comix. He was influenced by H.P. Lovecraft for his next book, 2004's 'Vampyr Draco Maleficus Imperator', a poem in comics format published by Carabas. In that same year, he published the fantasy comic 'Ceux qui rampent' in the Delcourt collection Terres de Légendes.

Superfunky by Gabriel Delmas

2005 was a prolific year for Delmas. He published 'Le Mouton-Chien Manchot' with Éditions Carabas, while writing the scripts for 'Moloch Jupiter Superstar' (art by Patrick Pion, Éditions Carabas) and the first installment in the 'Totendom' diptych (art by Robin Recht, published by Les Humanoïdes Associés). He further developed himself as a scriptwriter in the following year with 'L'extravagant Monsieur Pimus', another book with Pion, and 'Gunman', drawn by Yacine Elghorri. Then came 'Aguirre' with Richard Marazano (2008) and the 'Pythons' trilogy with Joseph Lacroix (2009).

Delmas wrote and drew the psychedelic trilogy 'Elagabal', 'Orycteropus' and 'Superfunky' in 2007. He assumed the pseudonym Comte Gusoyn for the nightmare comic 'Myrkvun' in 2009. He drew the poetic, surrealist and psychedelic comic 'Vorax' from a script by David Calvo for the Quadrants label of Soleil Productions in 2010. He used yet another pseudonym, Gabbarel Dalmatius, for 'Seigneur Venin', a book published in the same collection in 2011.

Vorax by Gabriel Delmas

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