Emilio Basset, by Lincoln Fuentes

Lincoln Fuentes was born in Temuco. For three years, he studied at the School of Fine Arts in Santiago. He attended courses in drawing by Matilde Pérez and in painting by Augusto Eguiluz. In addition, he did a correspondence course through the Pan-American School of Art in Buenos Aires, with a focus on comics. Fuentes went to work in an advertising agency at the age of 20.

In 1965, he joined the Editorial Zig Zag, where he cooperated with Themo Lobos' science fiction magazines Rocket and later also Robot. Fuentes also participated in magazines like El Capitán Júpiter, 007 James Bond, El Intocable and Jungla. For Jungla, he alternated with among others Guillermo Varas, Roberto Tapia and Maximo Carvajal on the 'Mawa' series. He also took over the 'Hombre de la Jungla' series with scriptwriter Ventura Marín. Fuentes cooperated with a lot of other series, such as 'La Legión Blanca' in Jungla, 'Patrullera 205' and 'Los Juveniles de Santana' in Espía 13 -Delito.

Garra de Acero, by Lincoln Fuentes

When the military regime began in 1973, Fuentes joined Patricio García's FMB Producciones Ltda. He went to work for the Chilean production of Carlos Giménez' 'Garra de Acero' ('Steel Claw') stories, again in cooperation with Ventura Marín. Fuentes and Marín also created the series 'Apuntes de Emilio Basset'.

After three years with FMB, Fuentes, accompanied by Máximo Carvajal and Julio Berríos, moved over to Editorial Mundicrom, where he created albums like 'Flora y Fauna' and other educational material. In 1976, he joined the Walter Thompson advertising agency and after 12 years with this agency, he became freelance. During his advertising period, he has made among others the comic strip 'Chocapic' for Nestlé.

Chocapic, by Lincoln FuentesChocapic, by Lincoln Fuentes

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