Supergoof by Roberto Fukue

Roberto Fukue is an artist of Japanese origins from Porto Alegre, who has mainly drawn for Brazilian Disney comic books. Fukue began his career together with his brother Paulo at Editora EDREL in the 1960s. When this publisher, specialized in Brazilian manga comics, closed its doors, Fukue began a collaboration with Abril in the early 1970s. He drew Disney comics for Abil until the publisher cancelled its own production of stories in 2000.

He initially drew mainly 'Super Goof' stories, but he also had a large production of stories with 'Jose Carioca', 'Mickey Mouse', 'Donald Duck' and 'Fethry Duck', among other characters. In addition to Disney comics, Fukue has also contributed to magazines like Senninha, Sítio do Pica Pau Amarelo and A Turma do Arrepio.

Ze Carioca by Roberto Fukue

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