Dumb Dora by Paul Fung

Paul Fung studied traditional Chinese art in Seattle, and followed the Landon Course in cartooning. He started to develop his own comic style and landed a job on The Seattle Post Intelligence as a sports and news cartoonist. Not much later, he published his first comic, 'Innocent Hing', but it soon disappeared. In the early 1920s, he got another chance.

Dumb Dora, by Paul Fung 1931

Some of his comics, like 'A Guy from Grand Rapid' and 'Big House Fables' as well as 'Gus and Gussie', became quite popular, but his real breakthrough came when he took over 'Dumb Dora' from Chic Young in 1930. Besides working on this comic, he became an assistant on Cliff Sterrett's 'Polly and her Pals'. Paul Fung died when he was only 47 years old.

Gus and Gussie, by Paul Fung (1929)

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