Wocha, by Darko Gabriel

Darko Zebic, who signs with Gabriel, was an artist for the relaunched Rolf Kauka's Fix und Foxi magazine by Tigerpress in 2005 and 2006. He worked regularly on 'Fix und Foxi' stories, but also began a new comic with Lutz Mathesdorf featuring well-known soccer players, called 'Wocha'. When Mathesdorf left, he briefly worked with new chief artist Helmut Murek on 'Fix und Foxi' comics, until the Spanish Comicon studios took over art duties in the magazine. Zebic has additionally drawn for Achterbahn Verlag and the German MAD Magazine. His 'Wocha' and 'Promi-Comics', both in collaboration with Mathesdorf, have also appeared on the Internet.

Fix und Foxi, by Darko Gabriel

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