Knecht Kalli, by Lutz Mathesdorf

Lutz Mathesdorf is a German comic artist and children's book author. Born in Neumünster, he graduated as social educationalist. Following this background, his first work was the AIDS prevention comic 'Condomas', published by Borbyer Werkstatt Verlag in 1988. Since 1992, he is a regular author of comic strips for magazines and papers like Holsteinischer Courier, Neumünster and Wochenend Magazin, such as 'Bauer Harms aus Klein Kummerfeld' and 'Knecht Kalli'. Mathesdorf self-published two book collections of 'Bauer Harms' in 1994 and 1996. In 2006 the Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster published his 'Knecht Kalli'.

Siddie Nacktmulle, by Lutz Mathesdorf

He founded the artist's collective "Der Stürmische Norden" with among others Kim Schmidt, Volker Sponholz, Jörg Reymann and Markus Huber. As a scriptwriter, he created the comic 'Bertis Buben' with Volker Sponholz for Rowohlt-Verlag in 1996. Also with Sponholz, he made a couple of football comic books. In 1998, he also started to write scripts for Kim Schmidt, which resulted in 'Unser Schumi', a comic about Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher for Carlsen Verlag.

Mathesdorf made his first children's book, 'Quek, das Froschgespenst' in 2003. In addition, he developed comic series for Big-Brother Magazin, TV Today ('Toddy') and Frau von Heute ('Missy & Kim'). In 2004, he founded Tigerpress Verlag with Michael Hopp and Jan Wickmann and relaunched the classic Fix und Foxi magazine, for which he also writes scripts (a.o. 'Wocha' with Darko Zebic). Mathesdorf was chief artist for Fix und Foxi, until he was succeeded by Helmut Murek in 2006.

Toddy, by Lutz Mathesdorf

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