Le Fléau des Dieux, by Aleska Gajic

Aleska Gajic began his artistic career in Serbia, but he always had the desire to publish in France. In 1998, he started the 'Le Fléau des Dieux' project with Denis Bajram and Valérie Mangin. Unfortunately, this project was cut short, when the two French writers lost contact with Gajic due to the war in Belgrado. They met again at the exposition of Yugoslavian comics at the comics festival in Angoulême in 2000. They revived their comics project, and the first album of the series 'Le Fléau des Dieux' appeared at Soleil in January 2001.

Le Fléau des Dieux, by Aleska Gajic

Laatste update: 2011-10-21

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