Zorro, by Avelino Garcia Llorente

Avelino García Llorente is a Chilean artist, who worked for comic books like Zorro, Guerrillero and Bandido. Born in Villalón de Campo, Spain, his family eventually settled in San Fernando, Chile. He took correspondence courses in comics from Alex Raymond and the Pan-American School of Art. In the mid-1950s, he went to Santiago, and commenced working for El Peneca and Rosita. He additionally worked in animation with Themo Lobos.

comic art by Avelino Garcia Llorente

In the 1960s, he joined Zig Zag, where he started out working with Lincoln Fuentes for Aventuras de Walt Disney, that later became Zorro. Later on, he was also present in Jinete Justiciero and El Siniestro Dr. Mortis. For the Far West comic book, he illustrated the adventures of sheriff 'Ray Hunter', and for Jungla, he made stories with 'Mawa'. When Zig Zag became Quimantú, García Llorente worked for El Jinete Fantasma/Guerrillero. In the 1980s, he drew for Condorito of Editorial Piincel, and made political cartoons for Alternativa, La Chuchoca and El Estilete.

Zorro, by Avelino Garcia Llorente

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