Streetfighter by Arthur Garcia
Street Fighter

Brazilian comic artist Arthur Garcia made his first comics at the age of 18 for Grafipar's adult comic magazines and publisher EBAL's 'Zorro' title. He then worked for Estudio Ely Barbosa, where made illustrations with licensed characters and comics for the 'Trapalhões' comic book by Bloch Editora. From there he went into advertising, but returned to the world of licensing through Estudio Rabisco, with works for Hanna-Barbera, Thundercats, He-Man and others.

He additionally produced comics for magazines Mundo do Terror (Press Editora), Gugu (Editora Sequencia), Trapalhões (Editora Abril), as well as cartoons for newspapers and magazines. During this period he also completed his studies Art Education, with majors in Art and Performing Arts.

Piratinga by Arthur Garcia

Garcia moved to Portugal where he worked in design and visual communication for three years in the Olho-de-Boi studios. Back in Brazil, he drew for the 'Sergio Mallandro' and 'Speedo Team' comic books of Editora Globo, and 'Herois da TV' by Editora Abril. His comic strip 'Os Novatos' was published in the Nova Escola magazine for the Vitor Civitta Foundatino. His series 'Piratininga' was published simultaneously in Brazil in the magazine Porrada Special (Editora Vidente) and in Portugal by the Associação Jogos de Imagens.

De Kruisvaardertjes by Arthur Garcia
De Kruisvaardertjes (Cruzadinhos)

Through the Commu International, he worked with the Belgian scriptwriter Piet de Lombaerde on the comic strip 'De Kruisvaarderjes', that appeared in the Kik supplement of the Belgian paper Gazet van Antwerpen. The strip, that eventually appeared under the title 'Jeroen en Klaas', ran until July 1993. By then, Garcia was an assistant animator on 3 episodes of the 'Aladdin' TV series for the Walt Disney Company.

In partnership with John Pacheco, he created the magazine Cyber ​​- Herois + Maquinas for Editora Vidente, Esquadrilha da Fumaça for Editora Price, and Força Omega for Editora Escala where they also were responsible for the art of 'Street Fighter' comic book.

Pulsar by Arthur Garcia
Pulsar (from Tempestade Cerebral)

After the death of Pacheco, he continued to produce 'Street Fighter' and more chapters of the 'Pulsar' series (originally published in Força Omega) for the Master Comics magazine. He also did illustrations for magazines Mystical and Generation Teen. With the cancellation of those publications, he did the pencil work for Alexander Nagado’s 'Blue Fighter' comic series to Trama Editora.

Esquadrilha da Fuma├ža by Arthur GarciaDaniel by Arthur Garcia
Cover illustrations for Esquadrilha da Fumaça and Daniel, o Anjo da Guarda

In the 2000s, Garcia has been affiliated with the Mercado Editorial studios, through which he has done various assignments for Editora Escala. These include the manga series 'Cyborg Zeta 7' in Desenhe e Publique Manga magazine, the humor comic book 'Daniel, the guardian angel' in cooperation with Rodrigo Garcia, and children's booklets for in the collection Arco-Iris.

In addition, he has been illustrating textbooks, contributing to books by Via Lettera and Opera Graphica Editora, and working on several projects for the USA market in partenership with Silvio Spotti. This includes pencilling ilustrations and comics with Walt Disney characters and 'Daniel Prophet of Dreams', a graphic novel for Alias ​​Comics. Arthur Garcia is also involved in the creation of books on how to draw manga and comics for Criativo Editora.

Nosferatus by Arthur Garcia

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