'Cars: Radiator Springs' (2009).

Silvio Spotti Neto is a Brazilian comic book inker, who started out working for the Brazilian market in the 1990s, before moving over to American and European comic books in the 2000s. He has also worked as a penciller for European Disney comics and titles related to Jim Henson's 'Sesame Street'.

Robocop, by Silvio Spotti
Inks for 'Wynonna Earp' and 'Robocop' (pencils by Carlos Ferreira and Anderson Ricardo).

Early life and career
Silvio Spotti was born in 1969 in São Paulo, where he still lives and works. He has a degree in arts from the FMU/FAAM university. Spotti began his career in 1992 as a penciller for small press publications in Brazil. In the mid-1990s he started working as an inker for Arthur Garcia on Brazilian manga-related comic books. The first of these was the 'Street Fighter' comic book by Editora Escala (1995-1996), which tied in with the Capcom fighting video game. They then worked on three issues of 'Blue Fighter' (Editora Trama, 1997) and contributed to the Brazilian manga comic anthology 'Mangá Tropical' (2003) by Via Lettera. In 2005 they drew 'Nosferatu' (Opera Graphica Editora, 2005), a detective comic book about a government conspiracy regarding genetically altered killers. 

Inks for 'Green Lantern' (pencils by Carlos Ferreira).

Magic Eye Studio
In 2003 he began working for the USA market through Fabrício Grellet's Magic Eye Studio, inking Carlos Ferreira's pencils on Beau Smith's three issue "weird west" mini series 'Wynonna Earp: Home on the Strange' (2003-2004) for IDW. He inked penciller Jorge Correa on several mini-series related to the MGM adventure and military sci-fi TV series 'Stargate SG-1' for Avatar Press (2004-2006).

He also worked on the comic books based on the spin-off series 'Stargate Atlantis' and inked Avatar's 'Robocop: Killing Machine' (2004, pencils by Anderson Ricardo) and issues of Brian Pulido's 'Lady Death' (2005-2007, pencils by Francisco Di Amorim).

Monsters Among Us

Work in the 2000s and 2010s
Spotti worked with Arthur Garcia again on Tommy Bryant's religious graphic novel 'Daniel Prophet of Dreams' (2006) for Alias Enterprises. For Platinum Enterprises, he was one of the inkers on the graphic novel adaptation of the 2011 fantasy/thriller film 'Cowboys & Aliens' (2011). For DC Comics, he has contributed to 'Teen Titans: Titans Around The World' and the prequel comic books for the 2011 'Green Lantern' movie. He also provided character designs, pencils and inks for the monster team-up four-issue mini-series 'Monsters Among Us' (2016) by TidalWave Productions.

Joe Carioca by Silvio Spotti
Dutch Zé Carioca (Joe Carioca) story for Sanoma in the Netherlands, 2015).

Disney comics
As a penciller/inker, Spotti has worked on Disney comics for both US and European publications, mostly through Magic Eye. He worked with movie and TV-related properties like 'Kim Possible', 'Phineas & Ferb', 'Toy Story', 'The Incredibles', 'Monsters, Inc.' and 'The Little Mermaid', while also drawing the 88-page 'Cars: Radiator Springs' (2009) graphic novel by Alan J. Porter for BOOM! Studios. He participated in Magic Eye's production of comic stories for the European Disney licensees Sanoma (The Netherlands) and Egmont (Denmark). He pencilled stories of 'Zé Carioca', 'Panchito', 'Gyro Gearloose', 'Scamp' and 'Grandma Duck', but also inked the work of Eli Leon, Euclides K. Miyaura and Everton Costa.

Dutch pre-school magazine
Between 2007 and 2012, Spotti also worked on the title comic of the Dutch pre-school magazine Bobo, first inking Euclides Miyaura, and then finally doing both pencil artwork and ink. Around 2009, Spotti was also drawing 'Sesame Street' comics for the Dutch Sesamstraat magazine (scripts by Frank Jonker, Herman Roozen), based on Jim Henson's characters.

Silvio Spotti was awarded the Ângelo Agostini award for his inking work in 2003.

'Sesame Street' comic for the Netherlands.

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