Lupo by Luciano Gatto

Born in Venice, Luciano Gatto began his career at the advertising animation studios Alfa. In 1956, he was introduced to the Italian Disney artist Romano Scarpa by a neighbor. Gatto had always been fascinated by comics and the Disney characters, so he decided to show some of his artwork to Scarpa. In June of the same year, Gatto succeeded to sell three of his stories to the publisher Bianconi publishers. Later on, he was assigned by this publisher to illustrate the adventures of 'Raviolo Kid'. He drew this series for four years, as well as others series, like 'Okey Papero', 'Mao Duebaffi', 'Geppo', 'Nonna Abelarda' and his own creation 'Pietrino'. In addition, Gatto assisted Scarpa on some of his Disney stories for Topolino for about a year.

Pietrino, by Luciano Gatto

In 1958, Gatto became a Disney artist. After having worked on scripts by others, he began writing some stories himself in 1988. In addition to his Disney work, Gatto illustrated a couple of episodes of 'Sempronio, Felicino e Arcibaldo' for Editrice Universo's Il Monello magazine, starting in 1960.

Placid et Muzo, by Luciano Gatto
'Placid et Muzo'.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, he also worked for foreign publishers. For the British publisher Williams, he illustrated stories with the Hanna-Barbera characters 'Dastardly & Muttley' in 1973, and for the German Kauka Verlag, he provided artwork for stories with 'Fix und Foxi', 'Lupo', 'Knox' and 'Eusebia' between 1979 and 1986.

Donald Duck, by Luciano Gatto
'Zio Paperone'. 

Afterwards, Gatto contributed stories with 'Pif le Chien' and 'Placid et Muzo' for the French magazine Pif Gadget (1986-1989). In the 1990s, his name appeared in other Italian publications then only the Disney ones, such as Topo Gigio (1994-1996) and Prezzemolo. Luciano Gatto retired from his Disney work in May 2019.

Prezzemolo, by Luciano Gatto

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