Lost Girls, by Melinda Gebbie
'Lost Girls'.

Melinda Gebbie was a fine artist from San Francisco, when she made her first comix after meeting Lee Marrs at a publishers' fair in 1973. Lee asked her to contribute to Wimmen's Comix, and Melinda published her first story in issue 3 of this all-women comic book published by Last Gasp. Her stories also appeared in other anthologies, such as 'Tits & Clits Comix', 'Wet Satin' and 'Anarchy Comics'. She completed her solo book 'Fresca Zizis' in 1977.

La Toile, by Melinda Gebbie 2003
'La Toile', 2003.

By 1984 she worked on the animated film adaptation of Raymond Briggs' 'When The Wind Blows' in the UK. Comic artwork during this period include some contributions to 'Strip AIDS' and 'Heartbreak Hotel'. In 1996, Gebbie teamed up with writer Alan Moore for the erotic and sometimes controversial comic series 'Lost Girls', published by Top Shelf. Gebbie and Moore later cooperated on stories with the mysterious heroine 'Cobweb' for Moore's 'Tomorrow Stories' anthologies between 1999 and 2001. She married Moore in 2007.

Cover for Wimmen's Comix, by Melinda Gebbie 1976
Cover illustration for Wimmen's Comix issue #7 (December 1976). 

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