Supergoof by Gen-Clo
Supergoof (FJM84089)

Claude Chebille is considered one of France's best Disney artists. After doing the daily comic 'La Famille Lakouetche' with Raymond Maric in 1977, Gen-Clo started doing Disney comics in the late 1970s, when the French Disney production began. Although he did some Duck-stories, his specialism is the 'Mickey Mouse' series.

Minnie Mouse by Gen-Clo
Minnie Mouse (FJM 97637)

He drew Disney material until the late 1980s, when he took on a series of prehistoric gags for Le Journal de Mickey. Later on, Gen-Clo returned to the 'Mickey Mouse' strip, drawing only stories containing the Phantom Blot, which was a very important character for the first French Disney stories.

Le Trésor Maudit, by Gen-Clo (Hara magazine)

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