Kockás Pierre kockáztat by Laszlo Gergely
Kockás Pierre kockáztat

László Gergely is a Hungarian graphic artist and comic book illustrator. He was born in 5 February, 1958 in Györ. After secondary school he gained qualification as visual merchandiser. He continued his graphic studies under the guidance of painter Gyula Zágon and sculptor István Vanyúr. Ernö Zórád encouraged him to begin drawing.

Utazzon Golgotára by Laszlo Gergely
Utazzon Golgotára (Let's go to Golgotha, 2007)

Based on scripts by Gábor Nógrádi and Péter Búza he made his first comics for Kölyök magazine in 1988. He drew comics for the legal and criminal journal Pandúr, and crossword magazines Füles Bagoly, Kedvenc and Füles Évkönyv. He also illustrates homepages on commission.

Laszlo Gergely

The artist works mainly with scriptwriter Ferenc Kiss, but also enjoys drawing his own comic stories. He illustrated Andersen's fairy tales for Alexandra Publishing. In his comics, his graphic style is dynamic and filmlike.

Tudod, ez egy pokoli jó zenekar by Laszlo Gergely
Tudod, ez egy pokoli jó zenekar

His main comics are Gábor Nógrádi's 'Párbaj a gyilkosokkal' ('Duel with the killers', 1988), Péter Búza's 'Az ördöglovas' ('The devilrider', 1989), Kilworth's 'Utazzon Golgotára' ('Let's go to Golgotha', 2007), J. Hilton's 'Az elveszett horizont' ('Lost horizon', 2008), King's 'Tudod, ez egy pokoli jó zenekar' ('2009), and Mark Twain's 'Egymillió fontos bankjegy' ('The one million pound note', 2009).

Laszlo Gergely

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