Solange, by Cinzia Ghigliano

Cinzia Ghigliano is a female Italian comic author, best known for her series 'Solange'. She was born in the Italian Alps. She studied art in her hometown, Cuneo. Afterwards, she moved to the country with her husband and scenarist, Marco Tomatis. In 1976 Ghigliano cooperated on a collective album on Casanova ('Mémoires de Casanova'), and a year later, she was present in Linus with 'Le Canzoni dell'Astra Storia'. From 1977 to 1979 she drew 'Lea Martelli' in the women's weekly Amica, a series about a female lawyer. During the same period, she also made a comics adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's 'Casa di Bambola' and 'Il Mistero dell'Isolina', a story set in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century.

From 1982, she was present in Corto Maltese magazine with ther series 'Solange', which was also published in the French magazines À Suivre and Corto. Two years later, Ghigliano teamed up with Luca Novelli to create the more educational works 'La Storia della Chimica' (1984) and 'La Storia Naturale' (1989) for Montedison. In the 1990s, she contributed to magazines like Corriere dei Piccoli and Snoopy, and eventually focused on illustrating children's books for publishing houses like Mondadori. She continued to an occasional comics commission, and she gives courses in comics and illustration in Italy and abroad.

Solange, by Cinzia Ghigliano
(in Italian)

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