Il Laureato, by Luca Novelli
Il Laureato

Born in Milan, Luca Novelli studied agriculture, but chose an artistic profession in 1971. His first pages were published in Eurêkas, entitled 'Historiettes'. For the same magazine he took on the 'Robo' series, about an android without a face. At the same time he drew 'Gli Edenisti' for a local newspaper. In 1974 Novelli started 'Il Laureato', a satirical series about the youth of the time, published in several magazines and papers. From 1978 he started making educational comics, starting with 'Viaggio al Centro della Cellula' and 'Dizionario del Computer'. Along with Cinzia Ghigliano, he drew 'La Storia della Chimica' and 'La Storia Naturale', both sponsored by Montedison. For Editoriale Scienza, has he additionally made illustrated biographies of among others Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Johann Mendel and Hippocrates.

comic art by Luca Novelli

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