Typhoon by Christophe Gibelin

Christophe Gibelin is a French comic author, who first made his mark as a scriptwriter, before he also started drawing his own comics. He was born in Ganges in the Hérault department in 1967. He graduated in Graphic Arts from the School of Fine Arts in Nîmes, and then enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Angoulême in 1988, where he specialized in Photography. Despite different directions, he also worked a lot with students from the school's comics section. Most notable was his cooperation with Claire Wendling, for whom he wrote a comic story for the anthology 'Les Enfants du Nil' in 1990. They then got the opportunity to publish their fantasy series 'Les Lumières de l'Amalou' in Delcourt's Conquistador collection. Five books were published between 1990 and 1996.

Gibelin also began collaborations with other artists, and created series in all sorts from genres, from social science fiction over fantasy to crime thriller. These include the series 'Le Traque Mémoire' for Servain (Delcourt, 1993-1994), 'Le Bateau Feu' for Dominique Hérolet (Glénat, 1995-2002), 'Les Ailes de Plomb' for Nicolas Barral (Delcourt, 1996-2000), 'Les Terres d'Ombre' for Benoît Springer (Delcourt, 1996-1999) and 'Le Vieux Ferrand' for Gilles Aris (Delcourt, 2000-2004). Gibelin also served as a colorist for several of the series he wrote, but also for 'Capitaine La Guibole' by Enrique Sánchez Abulí and Christian Rossi (Albin Michel, 2000) and 'Aberzen' by Marc N'Guessan (Soleil, 2001-2005).

He resumed the thriller series 'Les Ailes de Plomb' from 2006 to 2012, by now both as a writer and artist. He published the two books of his aviation diptych 'Typhoon' with the Swiss publishing house Paquet in 2015 and 2016.

Les Ailes de Plomb by Christophe Gibelin
'Les Ailes de Plomb'.

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