The Chronicles of Genghis Grimtoad, by Ian Gibson
The Chronicles of Genghis Grimtoad

Ian Gibson made his debut in the British comic fanzines Aspect and Orpheus. In 1973, he worked for House of Hammer and IPC Girl's Comic Group, and did promotional art for various record companies. He began a collaboration with Valiant editor John Wagner, for whom he drew 'Death Wish', some 'Judge Dredd' stories, 'Ace Trucking Co.' and 'Robo-Hunter'.

Halo Jones, by Ian Gibson
Halo Jones #2 (1973)

In the 1980s, he published in the British comic magazine 2000 A.D., where he used the pseudonyms of Emberton and Q. Twerk. With Alan Moore, he worked on 'The Ballad of Halo Jones', and with Alan Grant and John Wagner, he created 'The Chronicles of Genghis Grimtoad' (1990). Gibson was also present on the US market with 'Mister Miracle' (DC Comics) and 'Meta 4' (First Comics). Since 2000, he is back at 2000AD, with new 'Judge Dredd' and 'Robo-Hunter' stories.

Robohunter, by Ian Gibson

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