Picknick, by Giles

Ronald "Carl"Giles was a famous British newspaper cartoonist for the Daily Express. Born in Islington, London, he began his career as a tea-boy in an animation studio. He worked his way up and became a principal animator by 1936 on Alexander Korda's cartoon film 'The Fox Hunt'. He subsequently worked with Roland Davies on the production of a series of films based on Davies' newspaper strip 'Come One Steve'.

Young Ernie by Giles
Young Ernie

He became a cartoonist with the Sunday paper Reynolds News in 1937. He made a weekly topical cartoon and the comic strip 'Young Ernie' for this left wing paper until he got a spot in the Sunday Express in 1943. Giles was rejected for war service, but he did become the Daily Express's "War Correspondent Cartoonist" with the 2nd Army in 1945.

Giles continued to work for the Daily Express until 1989, and for the Sunday Express until 1991. He is best known for his recognisable detailed panels, that mostly starred characters that are generally referred to as the "Giles family". He also cartooned for magazines like Men Only, and for Guinness and Fisons advertisements. Giles died at the age of 78 on August 27, 1995.

Comic strip by GilesComic strip by Giles

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