Hug, by Gosset
Hug, el Troglodita

Jorge (or Jordi) Gosset i Rubio was one of the humorous artists that renewed the old Bruguera school in the 1960s, along with Ibáñez, Segura, Raf and others. His work appeared in Tío Vivo (second run), DDT, Súper Pulgarcito and Súper Carpanta among many other Bruguera magazines. He created the widely-travelled character 'Facundo', another one called 'Domingón', whose misfortunes always happened on Sunday, the prehistoric 'Hug, el Troglodita', and the nonsensical 'Carpeto Veto'.

Roquita by Jorge Gosset
Roquita (ZipiZape #15, 1987)

He also provided many gag panels and gag cartoon pages. When Bruguera shut down in 1986, Gosset contributed similar work to magazine Garibolo and then to those of the publishing house Ediciones B, that were launched to go on with the Bruguera tradition.

Carpeto Veto, by Gosset
Carpeto Veto

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