Pearl - Flickan som kom in från värmen, by Midael Grahn
Pearl - Flickan som kom in från värmen (1984)

Mikael Grahn is a Swedish comic artist, who began his career in the early 1980s with 'Dix Dogfight' in Svenska Serier. With Horst Schröder, he made two books of 'Tändsticksgubben och Gummitjejen' at Medusa Förlag in 1984-85. A third story was published in Epix. In 1985-86, he made 'Algol' with Johan Andreasson for Elitserien and Elixir. Also for Elixir, he produced 'Orvar'. He made the advertising strips 'Gota-Petter' for Gotabanken in Veckans Affärer in 1986-87 and 'Peppe Pepsodent' for Pepsodent from 1989.

comic art by Mikael Grahn (1985)

Grahn was present in DN with 'Uno' (with Magnus Knutsson) and 'Allemansland'. Grahn has additionally done strips like 'Guld-Gunde' (1986-88) and 'Silikon-Valle' (in Computer Sweden from 1989). In the early 1990s, he was present in Pyton with 'Gemene Man' and 'Vittnena'. He cooperated with Johan Höjer on 'Historieförbättraren' in DN (1999) and in an album published by Tago (2000). Grahn makes 'Illustrerad Djävulskap' for Herman Hedning since 2003. He has done the album 'Gamasjenes Hemmelighet' with Eirik Ildahl, based on the Norwegian TV series 'Bröderna Dal' in 2005. He is also active in computer game design and electronic music.

comic art by Mikael Grahn (1985)

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