from Knax, by Ulf S. Graupner

Ulf s. Graupner began his career in the animation field. After an education at the Konrad Wolf school in Potsdam-Babelsberg, he worked as animator and background artist in two animation studios. In 1993, he switched to comics and became an artist of 'Abrafaxe' stories for Mosaik. He remained on the team until 1999 and his speciality was crowded scenes.

Mosaik, by Ulf Graupner

He is the graphical creator of characters such as 'Doña Ferrentes', 'Toksin' and 'Don Grotesco'. Since his departure from the magazine, he working as a freelancer. Besides commercial assignments and book and CD illustrations, he has done the 'Abrafaxe' onepager for the yellow-press magazine Super-Illu, as well as stories for Knax magazine. Zitty Verlag published 'Das Upgrade', a book that he made with artist Sascha Wüstefeld in 2012.

comic art by Ulf GraupnerAbrafaxe, by Ulf Graupner

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