Lotta Uberall, by Sascha Wustefeld

Sascha Wüstefeld was born in Dresden. He worked in the team of Mosaik magazine from 1997 to 2001. After being an artist on 'Digefax', he became the artist of the 'Abrafaxe' from the first 'Orient-Expres' serial. He created several side characters, like 'Professor Konrad Jakob Loftus', 'Bugsy Gallone', 'Matt Zepplinsky' and 'Eloise Stapleton', and was succeeded by Jens Fischer.

Abrafaxe, by Sascha Wuestefeld

Wüstefeld left the team in 2001 to work on more personal projects. Since autumn 2006 he makes the comic 'Lotta Überall' with Hubertus Rufledt for the magazine GEOlino.

cover by Sascha Wuestefeldcomic art by Sascha Wuestefeld

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