Masque du Fantôme by Fabien Grolleau

Fabien Grolleau began his career as an architect, but he eventually became a comic author and publisher. Together with Thierry Bedouet, he started the publishing house Vide Cocagne, where he oversees the collections 'Mastadar' and 'Sous le Manteau'. He has worked with Humbert and Rebuffé on 'Le Monde dans un Mouchoir', and he has been a scriptwriter for Bedouet ('Jacques a dit' at Sarbacane, 2013), Robin Raffalli ('Le Colosse de Jéricho' at Sarbacane, 2015) and Abdel De Bruxelles ('Dum' at Vide Cocagne, 2014-15). Grolleau published his solo comic 'Masque du Fantôme' at Delcourt in 2010 and 2011, and 'Muffin' at Vide Cocagne in 2014-15. Furthermore, he is a regular contributor to the periodical Jade by Éditions 6 Pieds sous Terre, and has participated as scriptwriter and/or artist to several anthologies and collective projects.

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