Intruder, by Tim Gula
'Intruder #2' (1990). 

Tim Gula is an American comic book artist and animator. In the 1980s he has done animation work for Bakshi, Disney, Don Bluth and Marvel-Sunbow. By 1988 he was doing art for Car-Toons by Petersen Publishing and 'Revolver' by Renegade Press. He was then present at DC with 'Dragonlance', 'Justice League International' and 'Martian Manhunter J'Onn J'Onzz', and at TSR Comics Module with 'Intruder'.

Gula paid graphic tribute to François Walthéry in the collective homage book 'Natacha. Special 20 Ans' (Marsu Productions, 1990), which celebrated the 20th anniversary of Walthéry's series 'Natacha'.

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