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Fritzi Harmsen van Beek

Fritzi ten Harmsen van der Beek

(28 June 1927 - 4 April 2009, The Netherlands)  Netherlands

Fritzi  Harmsen van Beek

Flipje by Fritzi Harmsen van Beek

Fritzi Harmsen van Beek was a Dutch writer, poet and artist. She was born in Blaricum as the daughter of artists Eelco Harmsen van Beek and Freddie Langeler. Her father was the artist of the 'Flipje van Tiel' comic books, that were published by jelly factory De Betuwe. When her father died in 1953, Fritzi finished 'Flipje' series 46 and she made series 47, but with little success.

When she and her brother had spent all of her parents' heritage, Fritzi squatted the villa Jagtlust in Blaricum, that became a breeding ground for the Amsterdam art scene. The villa was frequented by people like Simon Vinkenoog, Ed van der Elsken, Rijk de Gooyer, Gerard Reve and Cees Nooteboom. She was married to writer Remco Campert from 1954 to 1957 and engaged to several other men men in the years that followed.
De Bezige Bij published the first collection with her poetry in 1965, and several others followed in the 1960s and 1970s. During this period, she also made small drawings for magazines like Vrij Nederland.

Villa Jagtlust was evacuated by the Amsterdam city counsil in 1971. Fritzi Harmsen van Beek then moved to the village of Garnwerd, Groningen, where she spent the rest of her life in reclusion.

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