Comic art by Haroon

Haroon (in Arabic: هارون) was an Armenian artist who lived in Egypt. His real Armenian name was Herant, but he used his Arab name Haroon for his comics. Together with Bernie Aalmeon he was one of the founders of the Egyptian comics weekly Samir in April 1956, which was distributed by the government-owned publishing company Dar Al-Hilal in Caïro. He was the creator of the gag series 'Ib Goha and Sambo', about an Arab boy and his black Nubian sidekick Sambo. Another well known series by Haroon was the scouts comic 'Basel'. He introduced the novelty of having Basel's adventures start on the front cover of the magazine in continuing inside, making readers curious enough to buy the entire issue. Other artists who drew 'Basel' adventures were Hamed, Belgian cartoonist Roger Camille (Kiko) and Russian cartoonist Federoff. Haroon was disabled and drew most comics while sitting in a wheelchair.

Comic art by Haroon
Ib Goha and Sambo

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