Nachgetreten, by Christoph Härringer

Christoph Härringer is a German comic artist who lives in Berlin. He is best known for 'Härringers Spottschau', a football comic strip he created in 2005. It is one of Germany's most published comic strips, appearing in over 100 newspapers throughout the country. (The original title 'Nachgetreten' was changed in 2008 after a legal battle with German television).

Härringers Sportschau, by Christoph Harringer

Härringer grew up in Freiburg and worked as an editorial cartoonist for Badische Zeitung before studying at École Duperré in Paris. On return to Germany he worked as a storyboard artist for Munich Animation and Trixter Film studios on the animation features 'The Fearless Four' and 'Heavy Metal 2000'. In 1995 he created his first comic series, 'The Schwarzwald-Saga' which had a four-year run at Regio Magazin and sold over a million postcards. Then he moved to Spain and invented 'Sam the Lion' for the short-lived satire magazine, Mister K.

Nachgetreten, by Christoph Härringer

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