Eddy by Glenn Head
Glenn Head's parody of Henry Füseli's famous painting 'The Nightmare'.

Glenn Head is an American comic book author and editor from Brooklyn, New York. He has published his work mainly in anthologies, and his stories are characterized by their surrealist bent and influence of 1960s underground comix. A student of Art Spiegelman at the School of Visual Arts in the 1980s, he published his early work in the three 'Bad News' anthologies by Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden, and in R. Crumb's Weirdo magazine. Head was a frequent contributor to the Fantagraphics' quarterly comix anthology Zero Zero. He has also published in 'True Porn 2', the critically acclaimed anthology of autobiographical sex stories by Alternative comics (2005), and in 'Mind Riot: Coming of Age in Comix'.

Avenue D by Glenn HeadHotwire by Glenn Head

Head further (co-)edited three issues of the comic anthology 'Snake Eyes' with Kaz, and the pulp-crime underground comix anthology 'Hotwire Comix & Capers'. Stories by Glenn Head have appeared in a wide variety of publications from The Wall Street Journal to Screw, and his drawings have also appeared in The New York Times, Playboy, New Republic, Sports Illustrated, Pulse Magazine, Advertising Age, Interview, Entertainment Weekly, and Nickelodeon Magazine.

He has also published his often semi-autobiographical work in comic books like 'Avenue D' (featuring 'Bob the Snowman'), 'Guttersnipe Comix' and the character study sketchbook 'Head Shots'. His graphic memoir 'Chicago' was released in September 2015.

Meat by Glenn Head

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