Les Voyages d'Alix by Marc Henniquiau
Les Voyages d'Alix - Pompéï

Marc Henniquiau - who signed with "Kio" early in his career - was a Belgian comics artist, best known as an assistant for Jacques Martin.

Born in 1958, Henniquiau began his comics career when he was 26 years old, with the help of Franz. Between 1985 and 1990, he drew short historical stories for Tintin magazine, mostly from scripts by Yves Duval. He signed these early works with the pen name "Kio". In the 1990s he became an assistant for Franco-Belgian comics legend Jacques Martin. He assisted Rafael Morales on the artwork of five albums of Martin's signature series 'Alix' between 1996 and 2005. For the educational spin-off series 'Les Voyages d'Alix', Henniquiau illustrated two volumes about ancient shipping (1997, 1999) and one about the city of Pompei (2002). He also also participated in the character artwork for the installments about ancient Rome and ancient Greece. A planned second volume about Pompei was never released due to the death of Marc Henniquiau in 2010, at the age of 52. Coincidentally Henniquiau's death happened within the same year 'Alix' creator Jacques Martin died, only 12 months earlier.

Le Talisman by Marc Henniquiau
Le Talisman (Super Tintin 30, 1985)

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