Ze Carioca, by Carlos Hedgar Herrero

Fine Arts graduate Carlos Edgard Herrero began his long career in Disney comics in the late 1960s, drawing 'Jose Carioca' stories for Zé Carioca magazine by publisher Abril. Later on, he also drew stories starring the 'Donald Duck', 'Uncle Scrooge', 'Gyro Gearloose' and 'Fethry Duck' in Pato Donald.

In 1973, he was the artist of the first stories with 'Morcego Vermelho', the superhero version of Fethry Duck, created by Ivan Saidenberg. A year later, they originated 'Pena Kid', Fethry Duck's wild west spin-off. Herrero also drew stories with several of Fethry's other incarnations, such as 'Pena das Selvas' and 'Pena Submarino'.

Peninha by Carlos Edgar Herrero
Peninha - Uma Missão Espinhosa (Zé Carioca #1189, 1974)

In addition to his work for Abril, Herrero was the major Brazilian contributor to the production of comics for overseas publications by the American Disney Studios, the so-called S-coded stories. From 1972 to 1974, he drew dozens of 'Donald Duck', 'Uncle Scrooge', 'Gyro Gearloose', 'Aristokittens' and 'Humphrey Bear' stories, as well as a couple of 'Mickey Mouse' and 'Super Goof' stories.

Uncle Scrooge, by Carlos Edgar Herrero

Herrero's final Abril work appeared in the mid-1990s, when he drew a couple of stories with 'Urtigão' ('Hard Haid Moe'). He has additionally made comic stories in the suspense, terror, science fiction and western genres, as well as book illustrations. He now runs his own advertising agency. Herrero returned to drawing 'Zé Carioca' stories when Abril revived their local production in 2012.

Goofy, by Carlos Edgar Herrero

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