Wuzzy Wiz, by Bill Holroyd
Wuzzy Wiz

Bill Holroyd showed an interest in artwork at a young age. His first job was with an advertising agency in Manchester in 1937. After serving in the Royal Artillery in Ireland and Italy during World War II, Holroyd began freelancing. He had his first series 'Alf Wit the Ancient Brit' published in the DC Thomson comic Beano.

comic art by Bill Holroyd (1948)

He provided strips for many smaller publishers as well (Scion, J. B. Allen, Paget), but it was with Dandy and Beano comics that Holroyd soon found a permanent home. Holroyd was the brother-in-law of fellow DC Thomson artist, Ken Reid.

Jack Silver by Bill Holroyd
Jack Silver

His Dandy work gave us 'Plum McDuff', 'Wuzzy Wiz, Magic Is His Biz', 'Screwy Driver', 'Boy With Iron Hands', 'Spunky And His Spider' and the colorful 'Jack Silver'. Other Holroyd titles include 'Wandering Willie', 'Ding Dong Belle', 'Danny Longlegs' and 'The Fighting Frasers'. Bill Holroyd retired in 1986 and passed away February 2000 at the age of 80.

Wuzzy Wiz, by Bill Holroyd (1953)

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