Merriwether: Gods Demon-Thumper by Terry Hooper
Merriwether: Gods Demon-Thumper

Terry Hooper is a British artist, writer, editor and comics historian. After leaving his education in 1974 he went to work for the H. Tanner & Son printing firm in Southmead, Bristol. He later moved to Manston, Kent, where he he found employment with Philips Printers, where he did his first lay-outs on newsletters and commercial flyers.

The Bat Triumphant by Terry Hooper
The Bat Triumphant

He ran a comic store in Detmold, Germany from 1982 to 1984 and worked as a freelance writer, editor, artist and agent for several comic book publishers between 1984 and 1994. These included MU Press, Blue Comet Press, Fantagraphic Books, Eros Comics, Dorne, Fleetway, IPC and others in the United States, UK and Europe. During this period he also produced large numbers of single panel gag cartoons for German agencies like Boiselle-Lohmann and Baaske.

The Bat Triumphant by Terry HooperKrakos by Terry Hooper

Since 1984 Hooper has been self-publishing comics as well as publications on a wide variety of other subjects under the Black Tower banner. His creations include 'Return Of The Gods' (serialised in 6 parts in Black Tower Adventure), 'The Bat Triumphant', 'Merriwether: Gods Demon-Thumper', 'Krakos The Egyptian' and 'The Iron Warrior'.

Hooper is an avid promotor of European comics in the UK, and the editor of the comics information magazine Comic Bits. Outside of comics, he has written many articles on astronomy, meteorological phenomema and space exploration, as well as wildlife, since 1977 to this day. He has participated in the creation of radio and television programs and is also an historian specialized in Pre-Roman and Roman Britain and Celts.

Krakos by Terry Hooper

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