Extra-Muros, by Daniel Hulet

Daniel Hulet was born in Etterbeek and got his artistic education at the Ixelles Art Academy. He published his first comics in Tintin from 1975 on. These included gags with the cat 'Charabia', created with Blareau and realistic stories about recent history with Duval (such as the recuperation of Japan after the second World War). His first adventure series was 'Léo Gwenn', which he made together with writer Vicq between 1977 and 1979.

Le Miracle Japonnais, by Daniel Hulet
Le Miracle Japonnais

He then teamed up with André-Paul Duchâteau and created 'Pharaon' for Super-As in 1980, and 'Chris Melville' for Spirou in 1981. 'Pharaon' was subsequently published in a first series of albums by Novedi between 1981 and 1985. Hulet then joined the Glénat magazine Vécu, where he created the series 'Chemins de la Gloire', written by Jan Bucquoy, later with his own scripts. By 1987 he was an allround author when he created his trilogy 'L'État Morbide'. It was published in Circus and then collected in albums by Glénat between 1987 and 1992.

Charabia, by Daniel Hulet

Hulet's one-shot 'Voyages en Tête Étrangère' was published by MC Productions in 1992. In 1996 and 1999 Glénat published two new 'Pharaon' albums in the collection Grafica, created by Hulet and Duchâteau. Between 2000 and 2003 Hulet made a new trilogy for Glénat's Carrément BD collection, titled 'Immondys au-delà de l'Impossible'.

Pharaon, by Daniel Hulet

This was followed by 'Extra-Muros', yet another trilogy published by Casterman between 2003 and 2005. With Frank Giroud he made the cycle 'Benjamin' for the series 'Les Fleury-Nadal' (Glénat, 2007-09) as well as 'Paranoïa', the fourth book in the series 'Destins' (Glénat, 2010).

Les Fleury-Nadal, by Daniel Hulet
Les Fleury-Nadal

Hulet, who was often referred to as the "Belgian Bilal", was a great connaisseur of Brussels, which was often represented in his albums. He passed away in Ostende in September 2011.

He was one of several artists to make drawings for the "safe sex" promotional book 'Les Aventures de Latex' (FortMedia, 1991).

Pharaon, by Daniel Hulet

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