Jan Pardoen
Jan Pardoen, 21 February 1944

Jasan was the signature of an unknown artist who drew for the art studio of the Dutch national-socialist publishing house Nenasu during World War II. He was the artist of the newspaper strip 'Jan Pardoen', which appeared in Het Nationale Dagblad from 26 July 1943 until 23 October 1944. Known stories are 'Jan Pardoen en de zeerovers', 'Op de Ebbenhouteneilanden', 'Jan Pardoen naar de Zuidpool', 'Jan Pardoen huistoe', 'Jan Pardoen redt Adèle', 'De schatten van den Sultan', 'Naar het onderzeesche paleis', 'Naar de onbekende wereld', 'Jan Pardoen bij de roodhuiden' and 'Jan Pardoen bij zwarte mannen'.

Jan Pardoen introduction
Announcements appeared in the editions of 22 and 23 July 1943. This one is from 23 July

Although published in a national-socialist paper, the comic shows no obvious propagandistic content. The character is presented as a typical Dutch kid, who comes from a sailor's family. Some strips are signed with "Nenasu" or "Studio Nenasu", while others also carry the name "Jasan". The credit "Studio Nenasu" is also printed below topical cartoons published in the paper. Nenasu was founded in Utrecht by Dutch NSB leader Anton Mussert in 1934, and published a host of national-socialist publications, of which the weekly Volk en Vaderland was the best-known.

Jan Pardoen
Jan Pardoen (23 December 1943)

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