Baroness Steel by Jim
Baroness Steel

Jim was a mysterious artist of fetish and bondage comics and illustrations. He illustrated many books and serials sold by mail-order through Irving Klaw's Nutrix company in the 1950s, just like Eric Stanton, Adolfo Ruiz and Eneg. Jim was specialized in drawing wasp-waisted women in latex. One of his best-known creations was 'Baroness Steel', a feature that was also collected in Bizarre Comix issue 5 in 1976.

The real identity of the artist has always remained a mystery, even to Klaw, but one collector knew that the artist was originally from Geneva. The artist was a technical draftsman for a design firm, and he has also worked under the pen name Gil. The artist died on a vacation trip in 1964.

Slaves in ancient Rome by Jim
Slaves in Ancient Rome

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