Cow Puncher cover by Walter Johnson (1949)

Walter T. Johnson was an American comic book artist. He served as an inker on Al Capp's 'Li'l Abner' strip for United Feature Syndicate in the mid-1930s, and again in the 1950s and 1960s. He worked in comic books through Funnies Inc (1944-46) and later his own Walter Johnson Studio. He has mainly illustrated crime features for Consolidated Book, D.S. Publishing ('Select Detective', 'Underworld', etc.), Lev Gleason ('Crime Does Not Pay') and St. John Publishing ('Authentic Police Cases'), as well as romance and western features for Avon Comics ('Frontier Romances', 'The Saint'), DC Comics ('Real Fact Comics'), EC Comics ('Saddle Romances') and Youthful Magazines ('Buffalo Bill', 'Youthful Love', etc.). When working with Sol Harrison, he used the joint pen name Walter S. Hara.

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