'It Can't Be Possible'.

Yves Ker Ambrun was a French graphic artist who has mostly worked in the fields of advertisement and animation. He is the author of comics series like 'Gaspard le Lézard' and 'Schnecksnyder', and also of several comics in commission. He is also known under the signature "YKA", and spent most of his career working in Germany.

Early life and career
Ambrun was born in 1954 in Tours, France and made his comics debut at the early age of thirteen. His first work was 'Mesa Boum', one of the first French <a href="/comics/underground.htm">underground comix</a>, which he made together with Yves Laumonier. At age 17, he began his education at the Pratt Institute in New York City. He later also attended the School of Fine Arts in Paris, France. He had his first success as a comic artist with the funny animal comics about the lizard 'Gaspard le Lézard' and the dog 'Basile le Chien'. Their adventures appeared in Toboggan, a children's magazine for 5-8 year old children by Éditions Milan. In 1985 he was also present in Tintin magazine with three short stories about the female heroine 'Virgule'. Another early comics creation by Ker Ambrun was the sci-fi rocket pilot HB-Scott and his android sidekick Booboo.

'Gaspard and Basile'.

He subsequently went to work as a character designer and art director for the animation industry. He was affiliated with both European and US companies, most notably the Disney Studios in California. The company posted him in Germany as a creative director for its Central & Eastern Europe division. As a character artist, he has designed, developped and supported all the production steps of thousands of Disney products during a period of eight years. His art also appeared in the German Micky Maus magazine.

Flippo & Punkina by Yves Ker Ambrun

Years in Germany
In Germany, he also returned to comic art, starting with the teen series 'Flippo & Punkina' (1988) in commission of the German Sparkasse bank. It was followed by several other comic strips, mostly created for commercial clients, such as 'Welli Wellino'. He settled in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1991 and operated through his own comics and illustration studio Skydog from 2000 onwards. Yves Ker Ambrun was one out of only three artists permitted to draw André Franquin's Marsupilami in Europe for merchandising purposes. He has made model sheets and concepts for a proposed Playstation 3D-game based on pop idol DJ Bobo. Among Skydog's many clients are DMBB, Havas, Herlitz, Bully, Nintendo, Egmont-Ehapa Verlag, Carlsen Verlag, Faber-Castell, Metro, Sparkasse, Braun, Nestlé, Ferrero, Lufthansa, Lego, RTL-Plus, Berliner Kurier and IWF-Goettingen.

Personal comics
More personal projects was his semi-realistic comic series about the writer 'Schnecksnyder'. The latter starred in the socio-ecological ironic graphic novel 'It Can't Be Possible', which was published in the USA in 2010, and then in Germany as 'Es darf nicht wahr sein' through his own Skydog Verlag in June 2011. Through Skydog he also produced the political science fiction allegory 'Mechaniko' (2011-2012), which he co-wrote with his wife and business partner Antonia Pont. He furthermore produced the webcomic 'The Beast in the Woods'.

Yves Ker Ambrun passed away on 6 December 2017.

comic art by Yves Ker Ambrun


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