Luuna, by Nicolas Kéramidas

Nicolas Kéramidas was born in Paris, where he also studied animation at the CFT Gobelins. In 1993 he found employment with the Walt Disney Studios in Montreuil, where he stayed for nine years. During this period, he also produced promotional artwork for the city of Grenoble. He created the comic strip 'Butch' for Golem magazine. He then presented his work to Soleil Productions, and he was been with this publishing house since 2001. From 2002, he makes the series about the Indian girl 'Luuna', with scripts by Didier Crisse and later Jean-David Morvan.

Tykko by Nicolas Kéramidas
Tykko des Sables

He drew the final installment in the series 'Donjon Monstres' by Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar in 2007, and he participated in many of the publishers' collective projects, most notably 'Sur les traces de Luuna', but also 'Ange & Démons', 'Lanfeust par ses amis', 'La Fontaine aux Fables', etc. Between 2009 and 2014 he drew three books of 'Tykko des Sables', a sub-series of 'Légendes des Troy', written by Melanÿn and Scotch Arleston.

Since 2012, he makes the children's fairy tale comic 'Alic au pays des signes' with writer Tebo for Glénat's Humour BD imprint. He additionally participated in the creation of a book in Glénat's 'Le Petit Prince' series in 2012.

Alice aux pays des signes by Nicolas Keramidas
Alice au pays des signes

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