Elvis by Reinhard Kleist

After studying graphics and drawing in Münster, Reinhard Kleist started an atelier with Fil, Michalke and Mawil in Berlin. During his studies, he had already created the albums 'Lovecraft' (a biographical comic on H. P. Lovecraft, 1994), 'Minna' (1994), 'Das Festmahl' (1995), 'Dorian' (1996) and his graduation work, 'Abenteuer eines Weichenstellers'. In 1996, Kleist won the Max und Moritz prize for "best German album" at the Comicsalon Erlangen.

Dorian, by Reinhard Kleist

His following comic titles include 'Amerika' (1998), 'Fucked' (2000), 'Steeplechase' (2001), 'Paul' (2001), 'Das Grauen im Gemäuer' (printed in France as 'Les Rats dans les Murs', 2002). Since 2003, he works with author Tobias O. Meissner on 'Berlinoir', a political vampire series set in a parallel universe, published by Verlag Edition 52. The series is also published in France.

Castro by Reinhard Kleist

Kleist is the author of comic biographies of Johnny Cash ('Cash - I See A Darkness', 2006) and Elvis Presley ('ELVIS - Die Illustrierte Biographie', 2007). His graphic novel 'The Secrets of Coney Island' was published in 2007. During a trip to Cuba, he sketched everyday street scenes of Havanna, which were collected in the travelogue book 'Havanna - eine kubanische Reise' in 2008. Two years later, Kleist came with a comics biography of Fidel Castro, called 'Castro'.

Lovecraft, by Reinhard Kleist


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