Men, by Kliban
'Men', cartoon by B. Kliban.

Bernard Kliban, who signed his work B. Kliban because he hated his first name, studied at the Pratt Institute in New York. During the 1950s, he went to Europe and traveled and painted there for a few years. Back in America, he settled in Marin County, near San Francisco. Kliban held various jobs, at the same time drawing satirical cartoons. In 1962, he sent some of them to Playboy magazine and was instantly hired. In 1975, his book 'Cat', containing cat drawings, appeared. Several other cartoon books followed, with titles such as 'Never Eat Anything Larger Than Your Head', 'The Biggest Tongue in Tunisia', 'Two Guys Fooling Around with the Moon' and 'Tiny Footprints'.

Kliban was once married to fellow cartoonist M.K. Brown

His work was an influence on Martin BrownGary LarsonHeather McAdamsSteve MooreDanny Shanahan and Andy Singer.

comic art by Kliban
Cartoon by B. Kliban.

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