Awesome Egyptians by Martin Brown
'The Awesome Egyptians'

Martin Brown is an Australian cartoonist and illustrator, who lives and works in the UK. He is the main illustrator for the 'Horrible Histories' book series by Terry Deary, which is published by Scholastic, and ran from 1993 to 2013. The series contains trivia and fun facts about history for children, but with a humorous and sarcastic focus on the gruesome details "that schools keep silent about". The books are illustrated with cartoons and comic segments. Its popularity has been such that they inspired a magazine, audio books, stage productions, video games, board games, exhibitions and no less than five TV series. They have been translated in Czech, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Persian. Similar spin-off book series presenting math, science, geography, sports and bible stories in an entertaining way have been introduced as well.

Barmy British by Martin Brown
'The Barmy British Empire'

Early life and career
Brown was born in 1959 and raised in Melbourne. Among his graphic influences are Jeff MacNelly, Charles M. Schulz, Johnny Hart, Jeff Hook, Michael Leunig, Ron Cobb, Bruce Petty, Pat Oliphant, Bernard Kliban, Gary Larson, Jerry van Amerongen, Bill Watterson and Murray Ball. After working in a TV studio for a couple of years, he ended up in Britain while backpacking around the world. He stayed, and has since worked as an illustrator for cartoons, magazines, books and greeting cards. His first paid work appeared in free magazines offered to people using the London subways. He began his association with Scholastic through illustrating 'Coping With Parents' (1989) by Peter Corey.

England by Martin Brown

Horrible Histories
In 1993 Brown got involved with the 'Horrible Histories' series, a project written by Terry Deary. Each book focuses on a different time period and is presented in chapters written by Deary. The text is made more accessible through illustrations, one-panel cartoons and a few comic strips. Brown was the first artist to illustrate each book and has remained the most regular. His work can be read in these specific titles: 'The Terrible Tudors' (1993), 'The Awesome Egyptians' (1993),'The Vicious Vikings' (1994), 'The Vile Victorians' (1994), 'The Groovy Greeks' (1996), 'The Measly Middle Ages' (1996), 'The Slimy Stuarts' (1996), 'The Angry Aztecs' (1997), 'The Cut-Throat Celts' (1997), 'The Terrifying Tudors' (1998), 'The Gorgeous Georgians' (1998), 'The Frightful First World War' (1998), 'The Woeful Second World War' (1999),  'The Savage Stone Age' (1999), 'The Rotten Romans' (1999),  'The Smashing Saxons' (2000), 'The Stormin' Normans' (2001), 'The Barmy British Empire' (2002), 'The Ruthless Romans' (2003), 'The Villainous Victorians' (2004) and 'The Awful Egyptians' (2006). He also illustrated the specials 'Scotland' (1998), 'Ireland' (2000), 'USA' (2001), 'France' (2002), 'England' (2004), 'Stratford-Upon-Avon (2006), 'Oxford' (2007), 'Wales' (2008) and compilation books, diaries, Christmas books, pop-up books, post card books, quiz books and joke books. Other illustrators for the series were Mike Philips, Philip Reeve and Kate Sheppard.

Lesser Spotted Animals
In 2016 Brown published his  first book completely written and illustrated by himself : 'Lesser Spotted Animals'. It focuses on animals which are lesser known among the general public and therefore need more attention to make people aware they're threatened with extinction.

Angry Aztecs by Martin Brown
'Angry Aztecs'

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