Blitzed Brits by Kate Sheppard
'The Blitzed Brits'.

Kate Sheppard is an award-winning and shortlisted children's book illustrator from Gloucestershire. Educated at Bradford Art college (1982-1985), she has made colourful and quirky illustrations for fiction and non-fiction titles by major UK publishers, including Walker Books, Macmillan Children's Books, Orchard Books, Random House, Hachette, Scholastic and Egmont. She has made the cartoons and comic segments of two books in Scholastic's 'Horrible Histories' series by Terry Deary. These were 'The Blitzed Brits' (1994), about the Brits during World War II, and 'Cruel Kings and Mean Queens' (1995), a chronological overview of all British monarchs. Other artists who illustrated the 'Horrible Histories' series are Martin Brown, Philip Reeve and Mike Philips. Further notable illustration work by Sheppard includes a series of three 'Tilly Beany'​ books by Annie Dalton, and a series of six 'Ask Dr. K. Fisher about...'​ books by Claire Llewellyn.

Cruel Kings by Kate Sheppard
'Cruel Kings and Mean Queens'.

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