The 20th Century by Philip Reeve
'The 20th Century'.

Philip Reeve is a Dartmoor-based illustrator and author of children's books, that are mainly published by Scholastic. Originally from Brighton, Sussex, Reeve studied illustration and first worked in a bookshop in Brighton for several years. He is the regular artist of Kjartan Poskitt's 'Murderous Maths' series, that gives a fun look at mathematics. He has also made the cartoons and comic segments for several of Terry Deary's 'Horrible Histories' books, such as 'The 20th Century' (1996), 'Wicked Words' (1996), 'Dark Knights and Dingy Castles' (1997), 'Rowdy Revolutions' (1999) and 'The Incredible Incas' (2000). Other artists who illustrated the 'Horrible Histories' series are Martin Brown, Kate Sheppard and Mike Philips. Reeve also illustrated 'Isaac Newton and His Apple' (1999) and 'Horatio Nelson and His Victory' (2003) in the 'Dead Famous' series.

The Incredible Incas
'The Incredible Incas'.

As a writer, he is responsible for the children's book series about 'Buster Bayliss' (2002-2003), about a boy who has to stop someone or something from taking over the world. For older readers, he made the steampunk and post-apocalyptic 'Mortal Engines' quartet (2001-2006). In 2009, he launched the first book of the prequel series 'Fever Crumb'. Another steampunk series by Reeve is the 'Larklight' trilogy (2006-2008), that is set in outer space. His 2007 young adult novel 'Here Lies Arthur' gives an alternative version of the Arthurian legend. Among his other books are 'Isaac Newton and His Apple' (1999). With Brian Mitchell, Reeve is furthermore the author of the 1998 dystopian comic musical, 'The Ministry of Biscuits'.

Dark Knights and Dingy Castles
'Dark Knights and Dingy Castles'.

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