Professor Bumblebrains by Andy Robb
'Professor Bumblebrains'.

Andy Robb is a British cartoonist and author, who is best-known for his Bible-related children's books. He began his career as a commercial artist through studios like Linden Artists and Beehive Illustration, and worked on projects like Skol lager's ad campaign starring Dik Browne's 'Hagar the Horrible', the merchandise material for the 'Telebugs' TV series and the creation and design of Kellogg's Honey Nut Loop bee. He additionally worked with many of the major Christian publishers and organisations producing illustrations for their books and publications. For over twenty years, he wrote and drew the back-page comic for the Salvation Army's weekly comic, 'Kids Alive!'. He also had a regular feature on the back-page of the Christian Herald during the 1990s, called 'Derek the Cleric'. He has revived the character on its own blog and social media outlets since 2010.

Boring Bible by Andy RobbBoring Bible by Andy Robb

Robb is active as an author of children's books since 1998. One of his earliest books was 'What Shall We Pray About?' for publisher Angus Hudson. He was the author and cartoonist of the twelve 'Boring Bible' books for John Hunt Publishing, that served as a spin-off to the 'Horrible Histories' series (originally written by Terry Deary and illustrated by Martin Brown). He then worked on the so-called '50 series' for CWR, that presented kids with fifty Bible stories accompanied by a cartoon image. '50 Weirdest Bible Stories' was awarded Children's Book of the Year 2010 by the UK Christian book industry. Also for CWR, Robb launched 'Professor Bumblebrains', another series with the purpose to get children interested in the Bible.

Derek the Cleric by Andy Robb
'Derek the Cleric'.

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