30 Seconds over Tokyo by Don Komisarow
30 Seconds over Tokyo (Book-of-the-Month Club)

Don Komisarow studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. Starting in the 1930s, he assisted on syndicated strips like Raeburn Van Buren's 'Abbie an' Slats' and other strips for King Features Syndicate. For the syndicate, he also did a Bible strip for five years, and did adaptations of among others '30 Seconds over Tokyo' for the Book-of-the-Month Club section. He worked as an assistant-artist on features for DC's 'Superman' title in the early 1940s. He also worked on the 'Superman' daily strip.

The Thropp Family, by Don Komarisow
The Thropp Family

Komisarow was Lou Fine's associate on many advertising and promotional comics during the 1940s and 1950s, among others through J. Walter Thompson. They created characters like 'Charlie McCarthy' and 'Mr. Coffee Nerves' for Chase and Sanborn Coffee, and 'Sam Spade' for Wildroot Cream Oil. Komisarow mostly inked Fine's work and handled the business arrangements. Komarisow and Fine also created a strip called 'The Thropp Family' for Liberty magazine, which they signed with Donlou (scripts by Lawrence Lariar).

30 Seconds over Tokyo by Don Komisarow

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