Barry O'Neill, by Lawrence Lariar
'Barry O'Neill'.

Lawrence Lariar was an American cartoonist, writer and editor. He was a cartoonist for Collier's, making mystery stories in which cartoons and illustrations appeared as clues. In the 1930s he drew the comic strip 'Barry O'Neill', also published in early National/DC titles. In the 1940s and 1950s he scripted syndicated features like 'Ben Friday' (later 'Bantam Prince', with John Spranger) and 'The Thropp Family' (with Lou Fine and Don Komarisow). He created 'Inspector Keene' for Young American Magazine.

Lariar wrote mystery novels under the names Michael Lawrence, Adam Knight and Michael Stark. For more than 20 years he was cartoon editor of Parade magazine. He has also worked for Liberty magazine, and edited anthologies like 'Best Cartoon of the Year' since 1942.

His instruction manual, 'Cartooning For Everybody' (Crown Publishing, 1941), has been praised by cartoonist Don Orehek. 

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